Edel Doherty
Beyond Business Travel - Case Study

When did you set up the company? Why?

I set up the company in 2010 in the midst of recession, to service businesses and their staff who needed to travel globally. As a bespoke travel management company, we specialise in tailoring travel management to our clients’ needs. 

In the past nine years, the company has grown from strength to strength – we’ve now 25 employees with a turnover of £16M.

In the last five years what has changed most in this environment?

Technology primarily and this is the driving force in our business. We’ve created our own self booking tool with Beyond Business dashboard analytics and global traveller tracking, enabling clients to see their traveller’s behaviour and how their spend is affected by it, allowing the client to make an informed decision.

What sectors do you primarily work in?

We work across various sectors from film, where we’ve played an instrumental part with the likes of Game of Thrones and Line of Duty, to FinTech, pharma, manufacturing, agri–food, IT and technology. 

Why did you choose SPB?

When I was first looking for an office, I fell in love with the Scottish Provident Building. It was like buying a house; when you walk into it, you just know it’s the one, that it’s your home – SPB was like that. 

We are one of their longest tenants and will be here nine years next year. It’s been a great experience for us; as a growing business you don’t have to keep moving locations. Donna and Jonny are so helpful, they are great at letting you know what space is available within the building and they are so accommodating; it has allowed our business to keep growing. They make everything so easy and take away any issues we may have.

Given your substantial growth over the last five years, how has SPB contributed to that?

To ask your team to be exceptional, creative and innovative, you have to bring them into a building that inspires that. SPB is that place. It’s also a very social building with a proactive social team.

Has the service provided by VenYou made the difference? And why?

It is exceptional – there are too many mediocre things in the working world, Scottish Provident Building isn’t one of them. The housekeeping team keep our spaces clean and healthy with the kitchens stocked up. We have very little issues with IT and comms, which is essential in a business like ours that is scaling. 

Jonny and Donna are the leaders, but we know all the staff by their first name. They have great standards and a five–star service, which sits well with the Beyond Business Travel culture.

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