Chris Hutton
Founder, Axon Financial Systems - Case Study

When did you set up the company? Why?

Axon Financial Systems was set up in September 2014 by a number of market data professionals, who had previously worked with the New York Stock Exchange and the London Stock Exchange. We saw a gap in the market on how market data was administered and the services provided.

We currently work in the financial services sector, primarily New York and London as well as across Europe, our clients range from investment banks to hedge funds and we provide products and services to help with their market data administration. 

In the last five years what changes have you seen in this environment?

Cloud based software has changed the most. In the past a start up would have to acquire a lot of hardware and server rooms to grow this type of company. Having access to the cloud and the ability to specify requirements, as you need them has allowed our business to grow organically and without the major capital expenditure associated with this.

What sectors do you primarily work in?


Why did you choose SPB?

Towards the end of 2015 we needed a meeting space and we ended up using one of the meeting rooms in the Scottish Provident Building. The building is very impressive and the interior equally so; it reminds you of a five star hotel. We were so taken with the space that once we were out of our lease we took up residency.

Has the service provided by VenYou made a difference? And Why?

Absolutely. The staff is lovely, the services provided are second to none and the cleanliness of the building is great. Donna and Jonny are really good to work with, if we need something then it just happens, nothing is ever too much bother.

In the three and half years here, we have moved several times as we’ve grown and needed more space. Our company has been recently acquired by TRG Screen and we hope to increase our employees from 14 to 30.

We will have to move again but I’m delighted that we continue to utilise the VenYou service as we move to one of Scottish Provident’s sister buildings, Index House, later this year.

It will be great to have the same service and deal with the same people. It’s good that they have other buildings, which allow us to continue to grow. 

Given your substantial growth over the last five years how has SPB contributed to that?

SPB and the VenYou service have provided us with a platform on which to grow our business. They provide all the services, from connectivity to meeting spaces, desks and chairs as well as the flexibility of space thus allowing us to do what we do best – concentrate on our business and analyse market data for our growing client base.

The location is also superb. Our employees travel from all over Northern Ireland so having somewhere central has been perfect. That has also been key in our decision to not move out to the likes of Queen’s Island. SPB and VenYou, really work for all our staff.

We recently had our new American owners over and as they too thought the building beautiful and the location excellent, they were more than happy to take my recommendation of staying with the team at VenYou.

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