Scottish Provident Building is the right VenYou

Donna Linehan has worked in the Scottish Provident Building for nearly ten years. Having come from the hospitality sector and front of house at the Europa Hotel, she knows a thing or two about how to look after people and that is borne out in the reception and service clients receive through ‘VenYou’.

We all know it’s been strange times of late, and when the building closed its front doors as lockdown ensued in mid-March, no one really knew what came next. Thankfully the Scottish Provident Building is once again open with additional measures and protocols in place. For many, it is now more important than ever to ensure that people can work in a safe and secure environment as companies and people wrestle with what the workplace looks like.

Donna Linehan, Client Services Director at VenYou explains; “Life has changed, and no one really knows what the new normal is. We still have some of our tenants working from home, but I’m delighted that many have returned to the office, with some even utilising a combination of both working from home and the office.

“I’m one of those people who needs structure and social interaction and I really like what I do. So, since we reopened our front doors at the beginning of June, it was full steam ahead and we have seen companies and people return to work steadily and the occupancy of the building grow. I’ve even had a company move in, numerous new people call or come for a viewing, as life for them during lockdown has presented either a challenge or an opportunity for them.

“We’ve had new clients who want to move from leasing a building to something more flexible, we’ve had companies move just because they fell in love with the building, we’ve had companies looking for extra space to help with social distancing and we’ve had those who sadly want a smaller space because of the impact on their business. I’ve really seen all aspects and I’ve loved the fact that I’ve been able to help the majority of them.

“It was also really important to me to ensure that our tenants and clients felt this was a safe place to work. So we’ve invested and installed many new features including a one-way system, a foot pump sanitiser in reception, as well as sanitisers on all of our floors at all of the lifts. Key touch points are cleaned regularly. We’ve new protocols for our housekeeping staff and the delivery of post.

“We are also very fortunate in that this isn’t an open plan building. It was built by architectural firm, Young and Mackenzie in the early 20th century. As a result, it is a very beautiful building that will charm just about anyone with lots of individual rooms, which take two to eight desks. We do, of course, have a few larger spaces and I love our outside terrace as well. The building really lends itself to social distancing and ensuring a client has their own space.”

2019 saw reports that indicated an eight-fold increase on the use of serviced offices going forward. It is clear that the pandemic will have an effect on this projection.

Donna continues; “Belfast has been a growing and thriving city for many years, but we are a resilient bunch, and we will bounce forward from this pandemic.

“At the Scottish Provident we have a lot going for us, including our VenYou service, which ensures that any client has a bespoke business solution. We will continue to do our very best to service the needs of our wonderful clients, so that they can grow their business, pandemic or not.”

For more information, contact Donna Linehan, Client Services Director on: 028 9091 8500 or visit:

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