Ensuring a Safe Return to the Office with VenYou

Safety is certainly the word on everyone’s lips at the moment and business owners are consumed with ensuring the well–being of their staff, with many finding themselves searching for alternative office accommodation in order to adapt to the ‘new normal’.

Over the past few months, the team at VenYou has rolled out stringent safety measures throughout all of our buildings: the Scottish Provident Building, Ascot House and Northern Court, to safeguard the health of our tenants.  

Should you find yourself choosing to return to the office, or if you’re looking into serviced offices as a way to meet your evolving business needs, here’s what you need to know about the measures VenYou has in place.

Social distancing

Designed by architectural firm, Young & Mackenzie in the early 20th century, the Scottish Provident Building’s traditional layout means that each business will have its own private office space. The majority of our offices have the capacity to cater for between three and eight members of staff, whilst maintaining social distancing guidelines, however some of our larger offices can hold up to 20 desks. No matter the scope of your workforce, or whether you’re downsizing or upsizing, we’re sure to find something to suit your needs whilst still adhering to the social distancing guidelines.

The Scottish Provident Building also boasts a spacious terrace area which is perfect for getting a breath of fresh air, relaxing at lunch time or hosting an impromptu meeting – the fact that it’s outdoors means that the ability to socially distance won’t be a problem.

One–way system

The team at VenYou has installed a one–way system throughout all our buildings to help keep our tenants safe when they’re moving from place to place. Tenants are asked to keep to the left–hand side of the corridors and use different doors to enter and exit the premises. Additionally, when using the lifts, only one person is permitted at any given time.

Cleaning and sanitisation

In these post–COVID times, having a clean building and workspace has never been more important. While the increased emphasis on cleanliness is definitely a positive thing, currently, businesses may find themselves having to hire an external company or are having to take precious time out of their day to complete it themselves. One of the perks of having your business located in VenYou’s serviced offices is that we have a team of housekeeping staff who take care of that on your behalf.

In each of our buildings, the housekeeping staff make sure that communal areas, kitchens and bathrooms are cleaned at regular intervals throughout the day.

We recently invested in an electrostatic handheld sprayer that will ensure extra sanitisation and disinfectant procedures throughout all common areas periodically during the day, maintaining our high cleaning standards throughout the building.

Furthermore, hand sanitisation units have been installed on each floor and outside lifts, with a foot operated pump situated at reception.

Hosting meetings

The team at VenYou is all too conscious of the need for meetings to take place virtually in this current climate. Depending on your needs, our buildings have a number of luxurious meeting rooms available that can cater for both small and large groups. Each meeting room comes equipped with video conferencing capabilities and should you need additional technology such as laptops, VenYou can provide these.

VenYou is dedicated to ensuring that our tenants, and any future tenants, feel safe to return to the office and continue to do what they do best. If you would like more information, contact VenYou on: 028 9091 8500 or visit our website:

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