A to Z of Serviced Offices

If you’ve spent much of your business journey in a conventional office space, you might be wondering how you could possibly benefit from moving or establishing yourself in a serviced office.

At VenYou, we’re renowned for our serviced offices – the Scottish Provident Building, Northern Court and Ascot House – and we’ve compiled an A to Z list of everything you need to know about our serviced offices.

A – Affordable: There’s a common misconception that serviced offices are expensive when in fact the opposite is true. We offer manageable monthly payments that include rent, cleaning, reception services, a never–ending supply of tea and coffee along with other sundries.

B – Bicycle storage: Good news if you cycle to and from the office – the Scottish Provident Building has a secure location for you to store your bicycle.

C – Central: Our serviced office buildings are located in a central location, close to bars, cafes and restaurants, Belfast’s City Hall, major transport links and all the retail therapy you need.

D – Delivery services: You’ll never have to worry about collecting your own mail again, with VenYou serviced offices, we’ll deliver it straight to your office door.

E – Environmental: At VenYou, we are extremely conscious about our carbon footprint. As such, we have developed an energy saving plan whereby LED lighting fixtures were installed as well as ensuring our waste is diverted from landfill.

F – Fully furnished: Our serviced office buildings are fully furnished, and we’ll even furnish your office exactly to your taste. All you need to do it tell us whether you prefer a classic or a simple style and we’ll take care of the rest.

G – Guidance: Our team is always ready to assist and give your business the best support and guidance that we can. If we don’t have an answer we know someone that does!

H – Housekeeping: Each of our buildings has a dedicated housekeeping team that not only cleans your room but the kitchens, bathrooms and other communal areas multiple times a day. That’s another worry off your mind!

I – Imaginative: We have a highly creative and imaginative team at VenYou who practically specialise in solving problems. If you ever have an issue, no matter how big or small, we’ll work with you to help you solve it.

J – Jack–of–all–trades: Our members of staff can literally turn their hand to anything. No job is ever too much trouble.

K – Kitchens: We have numerous kitchens on each floor which are fully fitted, stocked with a microwave, a fridge, a kettle and milk, tea, coffee, sugar as well as cutlery.

L – Lounge areas: We’ve the most beautiful of lounge areas where you guests or clients can wait until you are ready to host your meeting. And if you’d like a change of scenery during your lunch break or you’re looking for somewhere different to host an impromptu meeting, VenYou’s serviced offices has a fabulous outdoor Terrace area in the Scottish Provident Building which will suit your needs perfectly too.

M – Meeting rooms: Alongside our lounge areas, we also have a plethora of meeting and conference rooms fully equipped with the latest modern technology to ensure that your meeting goes off without a hitch!

N – Network: Part of the beauty of locating your business within a VenYou serviced office is that there’s a variety of different companies all under one roof. You never know how a business a few doors down may be able to assist with yours and you get the chance at one of our inhouse events to say hello.

O – Opulent: When it comes to decorating our serviced offices, one word that could describe them is opulent. We believe in creating an environment that feels like working in a home away from home, which is why our buildings have plush carpets, beautiful paintings and fresh flowers.

P – Parties: Although we believe in working hard, we also believe that having fun is just as important. Prior to the pandemic, we were renowned for our seasonal parties which took place on the Terrace area of the Scottish Provident Building. We can’t wait to be able to host one again!

Q – Quality: Quality is at the heart of what we do. We strive to deliver quality in everything, from our attention to the detail, the customer service to our interior design.

R – Reception: At VenYou, we offer a full range of reception services such as answering telephones, transferring calls and taking messages.

S– Secure: Each of our serviced office buildings offer the utmost when it comes to security. With cameras and secure key–fob access on entrance and office doors, as well as our bespoke security team, you can rest assured that your safety is our priority.

T – Transport: Due to the central location of our serviced office buildings, they’re easily accessible via all major transport links, rail, road and bus, and they’re also close to car parks, making it plain sailing for you to get to work on time.

U – Utilities: At the Scottish Provident Building, Northern Court or Ascot House, you’ll have access to all the utilities you could ever need. From state–of–the–art conference rooms to the microwave, our serviced offices have everything you need.

V – Variety: We pride ourselves on offering our tenants a variety of packages that suit their individual needs. If you’re a start–up business that is unable to commit to a serviced office, why not become a virtual tenant? This means you can use our building’s address, meeting rooms and reception services all the while when working from home or the café down the road.  

W – WiFi: You’ll never again experience the frustration of a frozen screen during a conference call again in VenYou’s serviced offices. Our buildings come fully equipped with the latest high speed broadband at no extra cost to our tenants.

X – Xmas: Christmas is one of our favourite holidays here at VenYou. If you become a tenant, be prepared for Christmas trees, lights, decorations and a party! (COVID permitting of course)

Y – Ylang Ylang: Creating a home away from home atmosphere would never be complete without incense and essential oils. As you walk around our corridors and stair wells your nostrils will be delighted by the scent of our reed sticks and air fresheners.

Z – Zoom/video conferencing: After 15 months of the pandemic, it’s safe to say that the majority of us are probably ‘zoomed out’ by now. However, if you need to access it, or any other video conferencing app, our Display Note Launcher technology enables you to do just that, quickly and safely!

For more information, contact the VenYou team on: 028 9091 8500 or visit the website: for further information.   

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